Q: What is the difference between Translight, Translite, Backdrop, and Backing?

A: They all refer to a scenic hung backing. Traditionally a Translite or Translight is a large backlit illuminated film backing typically used as a backdrop in the film and TV industry. The name of Translite originally came from the black and white display film made by the Eastman Kodak Company. This film material process is a very costly one – both for the Production and the environment. Today, there are many new substrates available that achieve outstanding results, both for backlit, and frontlit – Day or Night applications. So today, essentially they all refer to the same thing – the main different criteria is; Day or Night (or both D/N) – Frontlit or Backlit – Photo or Painted.

Q: What material is best for Backings?

A: This really comes down to weighing out the specific needs of the Production. Each substrate material comes with it’s own benefits and challenges. To take in consideration are Cost, Day / Night or Both D/N , Space on stage for Lighting – Front or Back
Each printer usually has there own name for the different substrates. Generally the different materials are: VINYL- Standard and Premium – this is a version of banner style material used in many real world applications – Standard is the least expensive, and is for frontlit mostly Day applications, Premium Vinyl can be Backlit for Day / Night applications. FABRICS – there are many new Fabrics coming out all the time – these are lighter in weight, lower maintenance (some can be shipped folded in a box) and can achieve beautiful looks for both Day / Night -another benefit of the fabrics are that they produce less sheen / glare reflection from front lighting. Check with the local print shop for details on the latest.

Do always check for local Rental options first, as this saves cost both for the Production and the environment.

Q: What is the cost for Renting a Backdrop?

A: Cost is determined by the Size, whether it is a Day/Night Backing or just Day or Night, and the Length of Time needed. *The longer the Rental the better the discount. We will always keep the cost of Rental substantially less then the price of making a new one.

Q: How to remove wrinkles in the Fabric Backdrops?

A: Backings should be hung 2-3 days before Camera, if there are still wrinkles in the Fabric use a Hudson spritzer, spray clean water only. And do this at least one day before camera to allow drying.